Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Wow, can it be six months since I last wrote in my blog here? Bad Nina! We've had so many fun things in our family since then. A new grandbaby born last September to Jared and Margaret, the return of David from his mission in Thailand and the publishing of his book Mrs. McFig and The Very Big Wig, a great Christmas vacation at home with six of our seven kids, and so much more.
One highlight was the temple trip in December to complete the temple work for my Mother and Father. What a special day! I had long looked forward to the time when that would happen. Now, it is a treasured memory.
2010 has many more milestones ahead, as we look forward to the graduation of Nathan and Jared from BYU in April, Jared entering the Army Band program this summer, Richard and I celebrating our 30th anniversary in August and so much more.
Life has been good, and whatever it brings in 2010, I am grateful for my husband and kids and all that I have been blessed with.