Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Great Trip To Yosemite

This past June, I took a great trip to Yosemite National Park with my sister. It's a place we often went on family vacations when we were growing up, and I always loved my time there. The park was very busy, so we had to stay abt an hour away, but the drive in and out was beautiful! We hit right around the peak as far as water pouring into valley over the many large waterfalls and smaller, seasonal cascades that spill over the rim in unexpected places. My sister has a convertible VW bug, so we were able to enjoy a panoramic view of nature as we drove around Yosemite Valley and up to Tuolomne Meadows, which unfortunately was not yet in its summer season.
All in all, though, it was just wonderful and I'm so glad I got to go 'back in time' for a couple of days!
Yosemite National Park mug