Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last Sunday we had the opportunity to spend time at the Sacred Grove in Palmyra New York. Sometimes when we've been there, the place has been very busy with many visitors walking the paths through the grove of trees. But this past visit was quite different. We saw one car in the parking lot, but in the grove we were all alone.

We walked together along the path through the trees, deep into the grove, and found a lovely spot with two benches where we could sit quietly for a time. The sunlight filtered from above; an occasional bird could be heard, and a squirrel flitted back and forth near a log on the forest floor. Over all was a sense of peace, a quiet, a feeling of fulfillment and distant memory of an event that had occurred 189 years ago in that spot. I felt such joy in the knowledge that here, God had appeared.

I'm so glad we had that quiet time in one of the sacred places of the earth. My testimony of Joseph Smith the boy Prophet was strengthened; I know he was and is a prophet of God, who restored the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Sunday school today I had the chance to bear my testimony of Joseph, as we studied the martyrdom and the contributions of the man who gave even his very life as a witness for what he knew to be true. I pray that I may be as strong and faithful in my own testimony as he was in his.

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