Sunday, August 16, 2009


Richard and I went walking on the York Heritage Rail Trail Saturday morning. Well, Richard went running and I went walking, and we met back at the car to come home. That's how it usually is; I don't run, and he won't walk! But we both get our exercise in.
I really enjoyed the smell of the fresh morning air, and the sunlight filtering through the trees. It's the first day I've been on the trail for awhile. But one thing that really stood out to me were all the friendly greetings as walkers, runners and cyclists passed me up or came from the other direction on the trail. Everyone was smiling; everyone was happy. Why? Maybe it was all the endorphins from the exercise, or maybe it was just being outside on a nice day. Maybe it was just being a friendly Pennsylvanian, or all of the above. Whatever it was, I'm heading back to the trail on Monday for another dose of the same.

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